2 Kings 23:17-27

17 Then he asked, "What is this monument that I see?" The people of the city answered him, "It's the tomb of the man of God who came from Judah to announce that you would do these things to the altar of Bethel."
18 So Josiah said, "Let him rest. Don't disturb his bones." So they left his bones with the bones of the prophet who had come from Samaria.
19 Josiah also got rid of all the temples at the illegal places of worship in the cities of Samaria. The kings of Israel had built these places to make the LORD furious. He did to them everything that he had done to the worship places at Bethel
20 He slaughtered all the priests of the illegal worship sites on their altars and then burned human bones on them. He went back to Jerusalem.
21 The king ordered all the people to celebrate the Passover for the LORD their God as it is written in this Book of the Promise
22 The Passover had never been celebrated like this during the time of the judges who governed Israel or during the entire time of the kings of Israel and Judah.
23 But in the eighteenth year of King Josiah's reign, this Passover was celebrated in Jerusalem for the LORD.
24 Josiah also got rid of the mediums, psychics, family idols, other idols, and disgusting gods that could be seen in the land of Judah and in Jerusalem. He did this to confirm the words of the Teachings written in the book that the priest Hilkiah found in the LORD's temple.
25 No king before Josiah had turned to the LORD with all his heart, soul, and strength, as directed in Moses' Teachings. No other [king] was like Josiah.
26 But the LORD still didn't turn his hot, burning anger from Judah. After all, Manasseh had done all these things to make him furious.
27 The LORD had said, "I will put Judah out of my sight as I put Israel out of my sight. I will reject Jerusalem, the city that I chose, and I will reject the temple where I said my name would be."
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