Leviticus 22:11-21

11 But if a priest buys a slave, the slave and anyone born in his household may eat the priest's food.
12 However, if a priest's daughter marries a layman, she must never eat the food taken from the holy contributions.
13 If a priest's daughter is widowed or divorced, doesn't have any children, and comes back to live in her father's home, she may eat her father's food. But a layperson must never eat it.
14 "Those who eat a holy offering by mistake must give another holy offering to the priest and add one-fifth more to it.
15 Priests must not dishonor the holy offerings that the Israelites contribute to the LORD.
16 They must make those people pay the penalty for their guilt because they have eaten the priests' holy offerings. I am the LORD, who sets them apart as holy."
17 The LORD spoke to Moses,
18 "Tell Aaron, his sons, and all the Israelites: Israelites or foreigners may bring burnt offerings to the LORD for anything they vowed or as freewill offerings.
19 The offering must be a male that has no defects from your cattle, sheep, or goats in order to be accepted.
20 Never bring any animal with a physical defect, because it will not be accepted on your behalf.
21 A person may bring the LORD a fellowship offering to fulfill a vow or for a freewill offering. Whether it is from the cattle, sheep, or goats, it must be an animal that has no defects in order to be accepted. It must never be an animal that has defects.