Psalm 102:4-14

4 My heart is beaten down and withered like grass because I have forgotten about eating.
5 I am nothing but skin and bones because of my loud groans.
6 I am like a desert owl, like an owl living in the ruins.
7 I lie awake. I am like a lonely bird on a rooftop.
8 All day long my enemies insult me. Those who ridicule me use my name as a curse.
9 I eat ashes like bread and my tears are mixed with my drink
10 because of your hostility and anger, because you have picked me up and thrown me away.
11 My days are like a shadow that is getting longer, and I wither away like grass.
12 But you, O LORD, remain forever. You are remembered throughout every generation.
13 You will rise and have compassion on Zion, because it is time to grant a favor to it. Indeed, the appointed time has come.
14 Your servants value Zion's stones, and they pity its rubble.