Psalm 106:14-24

14 They had an unreasonable desire [for food] in the wilderness. In the desert they tested God.
15 He gave them what they asked for. He [also] gave them a degenerative disease.
16 In the camp certain men became envious of Moses. They also became envious of Aaron, the LORD's holy one.
17 The ground split open and swallowed Dathan. It buried Abiram's followers.
18 A fire broke out among their followers. Flames burned up wicked people.
19 At Mount Horeb they made [a statue of] a calf. They worshiped an idol made of metal.
20 They traded their glorious God for the statue of a bull that eats grass.
21 They forgot God, their savior, the one who did spectacular things in Egypt,
22 miracles in the land of Ham, and terrifying things at the Red Sea.
23 God said he was going to destroy them, but Moses, his chosen one, stood in his way to prevent him from exterminating them.
24 They refused [to enter] the pleasant land. They did not believe what he said.