Psalm 109:17-27

17 He loved to put curses [on others], so he, too, was cursed. He did not like to bless [others], so he never received a blessing.
18 He wore cursing as though it were clothing, so cursing entered his body like water and his bones like oil.
19 Let cursing be his clothing, a belt he always wears."
20 This is how the LORD rewards those who accuse me, those who say evil things against me.
21 O LORD Almighty, deal with me out of the goodness of your name. Rescue me because of your mercy.
22 I am oppressed and needy. I can feel the pain in my heart.
23 I fade away like a lengthening shadow. I have been shaken off like a grasshopper.
24 My knees give way because I have been fasting. My body has become lean, without any fat.
25 I have become the victim of my enemies' insults. They look at me and shake their heads.
26 Help me, O LORD my God. Save me because of your mercy.
27 Then they will know that this is your doing, that you, O LORD, are the one who saved me.