Psalm 119:60-70

60 Without any hesitation I hurry to obey your commandments.
61 [Though] the ropes of wicked people are tied around me, I never forget your teachings.
62 At midnight I wake up to give thanks to you for the regulations, which are based on your righteousness.
63 I am a friend to everyone who fears you and to everyone who follows your guiding principles.
64 Your mercy, O LORD, fills the earth. Teach me your laws.
65 You have treated me well, O LORD, as you promised.
66 Teach me [to use] good judgment and knowledge, because I believe in your commandments.
67 Before you made me suffer, I used to wander off, but now I hold on to your word.
68 You are good, and you do good things. Teach me your laws.
69 Arrogant people have smeared me with lies, [yet] I obey your guiding principles with all my heart.
70 Their hearts are cold and insensitive, [yet] I am happy with your teachings.
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