Psalm 58:1-9

1 Do you rulers really give fair verdicts? Do you judge Adam's descendants fairly?
2 No, you invent new crimes on earth, and your hands spread violence.
3 [Even] inside the womb wicked people are strangers [to God]. From their birth liars go astray.
4 They have poisonous venom like snakes. They are like a deaf cobra that shuts its ears
5 so that it cannot hear the voice of a snake charmer or of anyone trained to cast spells.
6 O God, knock the teeth out of their mouths. Break the young lions' teeth, O LORD.
7 Let them disappear like water that drains away. When they aim their bows, let their arrows miss the target.
8 Let them become like a snail that leaves behind a slimy trail or like a stillborn child who never sees the sun.
9 Let [God] sweep them away faster than a cooking pot is heated by burning twigs.
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