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Interlinear Bible 2 Samuel 3:26-39

26 When Joab came out from David, he sent messengers after Abner, and they brought him back from the well of Sirah; but David did not know it.
~yik'a.l;m x;l.viY;w diw'D ~i[em b'aw{y#st03097 aeceY;w#st03318 ? diw'd.w#st01732 h'riS;h rw{Bim w{t{a .Wbiv'Y;w ren.b;a yer]x;a ? ['d'y a{l
27 So when Abner returned to Hebron, Joab took him aside into the middle of the gate to speak with him privately, and there he struck him in the belly so that he died on account of the blood of Asahel his brother.
.$w{T#st08432 -l,a b'aw{y .WheJ;Y;w !w{r.b,x#st02275 ren.b;a b'v'Y;w ? v,m{x;h ~'v .WheK;Y;w yil,V;B w{Tia reB;D.l r;[;V;h#st08179 ? wyix'a#st0251 lea -h'f][ ~;d.B t'm'Y;w
28 Afterward when David heard it, he said, "I and my kingdom are innocent before * the LORD forever * of the blood of Abner the son of Ner.
yik{n'a yiq'n r,ma{Y;w !ek yer]x;aem#st0310 diw'D#st01732 [;m.viY;w ? yem.Dim ~'lw{[#st05769 -d;[#st05704 h'wh.y#st03068 ~i[em yiT.k;l.m;m.W ? ren -n,B ren.b;a
29 "May it fall on the head of Joab and on all his father's house; and may there not fail from the house of Joab one who has a discharge, or who is a leper, or who takes hold of a distaff, or who falls by the sword, or who lacks bread."
wyib'a#st01 tyeB -l'K l,a.w b'aw{y va{r#st07218 -l;[ .WlUx'y ? qyiz]x;m.W ['r{c.m.W b'z b'aw{y tyeBim#st01004 ter'KIy#st03772 -l;a.w ? ~,x'l#st03899 -r;s]x;w#st02638 b,r,x;B lep{n.w .$,l,P;B
30 So Joab and Abishai his brother killed Abner because * he had put their brother Asahel to death in the battle at Gibeon.
l;[ ren.b;a.l#st074 .Wg.r'h wyix'a#st0251 y;vyib]a;w b'aw{y.w ? !w{[.big.B#st01391 ~,hyix]a leah'f][ -t,a tyimeh r,v]a ? h'm'x.liM;B
31 Then David said to Joab and to all the people who were with him, "Tear your clothes and gird on sackcloth and lament before Abner." And King David walked behind the bier.
~'['h -l'K -l,a.w b'aw{y#st03097 -l,a diw'D r,ma{Y;w ? ~yiQ;f .Wr.gix.w ~,kyed.gib#st0899 .W[.riq w{Tia -r,v]a ? yer]x;a .$el{h#st01980 diw'D .$,l,M;h.w#st04428 ren.b;a yen.pil#st06440 .Wd.pis.w ? h'JiM;h
32 Thus they buried Abner in Hebron; and the king lifted up his voice and wept at the grave of Abner, and all the people wept.
.$,l,M;h ]a'FIy;w !w{r.b,x.B#st02275 ren.b;a -t,a .Wr.B.qiY;w ? .WK.biY;w ren.b;a r,b,q -l,a .K.beY;w w{lw{q#st06963 -t,a ? ~'['h -l'K
33 The king chanted a lament for Abner and said, "Should Abner die as a fool dies?
tw{m.K;h r;ma{Y;w ren.b;a -l,a .$,l,M;h !en{q.y;w ? ren.b;a t.Wm'y#st04194 l'b'n
34 "Your hands were not bound, nor your feet put in fetters; As one falls before the wicked *, you have fallen." And all the people wept again over him.
~Iy;T.vUx.nil -a{l '$y,l.g;r.w tw{rUs]a -a{l '$,d'y#st03027 ? 'T.l'p'n h'l.w;[ -yen.b yen.pil lw{p.niK .Wv'GUh ? wy'l'[ tw{K.bil ~'['h -l'k .Wpis{Y;w
35 Then all the people came to persuade David to eat bread while it was still day; but David vowed, saying, "May God do so to me, and more also, if * I taste bread or anything else before the sun goes down."
~,x,l#st03899 diw'D -t,a tw{r.b;h.l ~'['h#st05971 -l'k a{b'Y;w ? yiL -h,f][;y h{K r{mael diw'D#st01732 [;b'ViY;w ~w{Y;h dw{[.B#st05750 ? v,m,V;h -aw{b yen.pil -mia yiK @yis{y h{k.w ~yih{l/a#st0430 ? h'm.Wa.m -l'k w{a ~,x,l -m;[.j,a
36 Now all the people took note of it, and it pleased * them, just as everything * the king did pleased * all the people.
l{k.K ~,hyenye[.B b;jyiY;w .WryiKih ~'['h -l'k.w ? bw{j ~'['h -l'k yenye[.B .$,l,M;h h'f'[ r,v]a
37 So all the people and all Israel understood that day that it had not been the will of the king to put Abner the son of Ner to death.
a.Wh;h ~w{Y;B#st03117 lea'r.fIy -l'k.w ~'['h#st05971 -l'k .W[.deY;w ? ren.b;a -t,a tyim'h.l .$,l,M;hem h't.y'h a{l yiK ? ren -n,B
38 Then the king said to his servants, "Do you not know that a prince and a great man has fallen this day in Israel?
.W[.det aw{l]h wy'd'b][ -l,a .$,l,M;h r,ma{Y;w ? lea'r.fIy.B h,Z;h ~w{Y;h#st03117 l;p'n lw{d'g.w r;f -yiK
39 "I am weak today, though anointed king; and these men the sons of Zeruiah are too difficult for me. May the LORD repay the evildoer#st7463 according to his evil."
~yiv'n]a'h.w .$,l,m ;x.Wv'm.W .$;r ~w{Y;h yik{n'a.w ? h'wh.y#st03068 ~eL;v.y yiN,Mim ~yiv'q h'y.Wr.c yen.B h,Lea'h ? w{t'['r.K h'['r'h hef{[.l
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