Interlinear Bible Judges 19:24

24 "Here is my virgin daughter and his concubine. Please let me bring them out that you may ravish them and do to them whatever you wish *. But do not commit such an act of folly against this man."
a'N -h'ayicw{a#st03318 .Whev.g;lyip.W h'l.Wt.B;h yiTib heNih ? ~,kyenye[.B bw{J;h ~,h'l .Wf][;w ~'tw{a .WN;[.w ~'tw{a ? ta{Z;h#st02063 h'l'b.N;h#st05039 r;b.D .Wf][;t a{l h,Z;h vyia'l.w
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