Interlinear Bible Leviticus 6:15

15 'Then one of them shall lift up from it a handful of the fine flour of the grain offering, with its oil and all the incense that is on the grain offering, and he shall offer it up in smoke on the altar, a soothing aroma, as its memorial offering to the LORD.
H'n.m;Vim.W#st08081 h'x.niM;h t,l{Sim w{c.mUq.B .WN,Mim#st04503 ~yireh.w ? ryij.qih.w h'x.niM;h -l;[ r,v]a h'n{b.L;h#st03828 -l'K tea.w ? h'why;l#st03068 H't'r'K.z;a ;x{xyin#st05207 ;xyer#st07381 ;xeB.ziM;h
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