Joshua 11:8-18

8 And the Lord delivered them into the power of Israel; and they smote them and pursued them to great Sidon, and to Maseron, and to the plains of Massoch eastward; and they destroyed them till there was not one of them left that survived.
9 And Joshua did to them, as the Lord commanded him: he houghed their horses, and burned their chariots with fire.
10 And Joshua returned at that time, and took Asor and her king; now Asor in former time was the chief of these kingdoms.
11 And they slew with the sword all that breathed in it, and utterly destroyed them all, and there was no living thing left in it; and they burnt Asor with fire.
12 And Joshua took all the cities of the kingdoms, and their kings, and slew them with the edge of the sword; and utterly slew them, as Moses the servant of the Lord commanded.
13 But all the walled cities Israel burnt not; but Israel burnt Asor only.
14 And the children of Israel took all its spoils to themselves; and they slew all the men with the edge of the sword, until he destroyed them; they left not one of them breathing.
15 As the Lord commanded his servant Moses, even so Moses commanded Joshua; and so Joshua did, he transgressed no precept of all that Moses commanded him.
16 And Joshua took all the hill country, and all the land of Nageb, and all the land of Gosom, and the plain country, and that toward the west, and the mountain of Israel and the low country by the mountain;
17 from the mountain of Chelcha, and that which goes up to Seir, and as far as Balagad, and the plains of Libanus, under mount Aermon; and he took all their kings, and destroyed, and slew them.
18 And for many days Joshua waged war with these kings.
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