Micah 6:9-16

Israel’s Guilt and Punishment

9 Listen! The LORD is calling to the city— and to fear your name is wisdom— “Heed the rod and the One who appointed it.a
10 Am I still to forget your ill-gotten treasures, you wicked house, and the short ephah,b which is accursed?
11 Shall I acquit someone with dishonest scales, with a bag of false weights?
12 Your rich people are violent; your inhabitants are liars and their tongues speak deceitfully.
13 Therefore, I have begun to destroy you, to ruinc you because of your sins.
14 You will eat but not be satisfied; your stomach will still be empty.dYou will store up but save nothing, because what you savee I will give to the sword.
15 You will plant but not harvest; you will press olives but not use the oil, you will crush grapes but not drink the wine.
16 You have observed the statutes of Omri and all the practices of Ahab’s house; you have followed their traditions. Therefore I will give you over to ruin and your people to derision; you will bear the scorn of the nations.f
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