32 That completed the work of The Dwelling, the Tent of Meeting. The People of Israel did what God had commanded Moses. They did it all.
33 They presented The Dwelling to Moses, the Tent and all its furnishings: fastening hooks frames crossbars posts bases
34 tenting of tanned ram skins tenting of dolphin skins veil of the screen
35 Chest of The Testimony with its poles and Atonement-Cover
36 Table with its utensils and the Bread of the Presence
37 Lampstand of pure gold and its lamps all fitted out and all its utensils and the oil for the light
38 Gold Altar anointing oil fragrant incense screen for the entrance to the Tent
39 Bronze Altar with its bronze grate its poles and all its utensils Washbasin and its base
40 hangings for the Courtyard its posts and bases screen for the gate of the Courtyard its cords and its pegs utensils for ministry in The Dwelling, the Tent of Meeting
41 woven vestments for ministering in the Sanctuary sacred vestments for Aaron the priest, and his sons when serving as priests
42 The Israelites completed all the work, just as God had commanded.
43 Moses saw that they had done all the work and done it exactly as God had commanded. Moses blessed them.