Ezekiel 35:9-15

9 I'll reduce you to ruins and all your towns will be ghost towns - population zero. Then you'll realize that I am God.
10 "'Because you said, "These two nations, these two countries, are mine. I'm taking over" (even though God is right there watching, right there listening),
11 I'll turn your hate-bloated anger and rage right back on you. You'll know I mean business when I bring judgment on you.
12 You'll realize then that I, God, have overheard all the vile abuse you've poured out against the mountains of Israel, saying, "They're roadkill and we're going to eat them up."
13 You've strutted around, talking so big, insolently pitting yourselves against me. And I've heard it all.
14 "'This is the verdict of God, the Master: With the whole earth applauding, I'll demolish you.
15 Since you danced in the streets, thinking it was so wonderful when Israel's inheritance was demolished, I'll give you the same treatment: demolition. Mount Seir demolished - yes, every square inch of Edom. Then they'll realize that I am God!'
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