Leviticus 22:12-33

12 If a priest's daughter marries a layperson, she may no longer eat from the holy contributions.
13 But if the priest's daughter is widowed or divorced and without children and returns to her father's household as before, she may eat of her father's food. But no layperson may eat of it.
14 "If anyone eats from a holy offering accidentally, he must give back the holy offering to the priest and add twenty percent to it.
15 "The priests must not treat with irreverence the holy offerings of the Israelites that they contribute to God
16 lest they desecrate themselves and make themselves guilty when they eat the holy offerings. I am God who makes them holy."
17 God spoke to Moses,
18 "Tell Aaron and his sons and all the People of Israel, Each and every one of you, whether native born or foreigner, who presents a Whole-Burnt-Offering to God to fulfill a vow or as a Freewill-Offering,
19 must make sure that it is a male without defect from cattle, sheep, or goats for it to be acceptable.
20 Don't try slipping in some creature that has a defect - it won't be accepted.
21 Whenever anyone brings an offering from cattle or sheep as a Peace-Offering to God to fulfill a vow or as a Freewill-Offering, it has to be perfect, without defect, to be acceptable.
22 Don't try giving God an animal that is blind, crippled, mutilated, an animal with running sores, a rash, or mange. Don't place any of these on the Altar as a gift to God.
23 You may, though, offer an ox or sheep that is deformed or stunted as a Freewill-Offering, but it is not acceptable in fulfilling a vow.
24 Don't offer to God an animal with bruised, crushed, torn, or cut-off testicles. Don't do this in your own land
25 but don't accept them from foreigners and present them as food for your God either. Because of deformities and defects they will not be acceptable."
26 God spoke to Moses:
27 "When a calf or lamb or goat is born, it is to stay with its mother for seven days. After the eighth day, it is acceptable as an offering, a gift to God.
28 Don't slaughter both a cow or ewe and its young on the same day.
29 When you sacrifice a Thanksgiving-Offering to God, do it right so it will be acceptable.
30 Eat it on the same day; don't leave any leftovers until morning. I am God.
31 "Do what I tell you; live what I tell you. I am God.
32 "Don't desecrate my holy name. I insist on being treated with holy reverence among the People of Israel. I am God who makes you holy
33 and brought you out of Egypt to be your God. I am God."
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