Leviticus 7:12-22

12 If you bring it to offer thanksgiving, then along with the Thanksgiving-Offering present unraised loaves of bread mixed with oil, unraised wafers spread with oil, and cakes of fine flour, well-kneaded and mixed with oil.
13 Along with the Peace-Offering of thanksgiving, present loaves of yeast bread as an offering.
14 Bring one of each kind as an offering, a Contribution-Offering to God; it goes to the priest who throws the blood of the Peace-Offering.
15 Eat the meat from the Peace-Offering of thanksgiving the same day it is offered. Don't leave any of it overnight.
16 "If the offering is a Votive-Offering or a Freewill-Offering, it may be eaten the same day it is sacrificed and whatever is left over on the next day may also be eaten.
17 But any meat from the sacrifice that is left to the third day must be burned up.
18 If any of the meat from the Peace-Offering is eaten on the third day, the person who has brought it will not be accepted. It won't benefit him a bit - it has become defiled meat. And whoever eats it must take responsibility for his iniquity.
19 Don't eat meat that has touched anything ritually unclean; burn it up. Any other meat can be eaten by those who are ritually clean.
20 But if you're not ritually clean and eat meat from the Peace-Offering for God, you will be excluded from the congregation.
21 And if you touch anything ritually unclean, whether human or animal uncleanness or an obscene object, and go ahead and eat from a Peace-Offering for God, you'll be excluded from the congregation."
22 God spoke to Moses,