Ezekiel 32:1-8

1 It was in the twelfth year of our captivity, in the twelfth month, on the first day of the month. The Lord spoke his word to me, saying:
2 "Human, sing a funeral song about the king of Egypt. Say to him: 'You are like a young lion among the nations. You are like a crocodile in the seas. You splash around in your streams and stir up the water with your feet, making the rivers muddy.
3 "'This is what the Lord God says: I will spread my net over you, and I will use a large group of people to pull you up in my net.
4 Then I will throw you on the land dropping you onto the ground. I will let the birds of the sky rest on you and all the animals of the earth eat you until they are full.
5 I will scatter your flesh on the mountains and fill the valleys with what is left of you.
6 I will drench the land with your flowing blood as far as the mountains, and the ravines will be full of your flesh.
7 When I make you disappear, I will cover the sky and make the stars dark. I will cover the sun with a cloud, and the moon will not shine.
8 I will make all the shining lights in the sky become dark over you; I will bring darkness over your land, says the Lord God.
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