Genesis 31:46-55

46 He told his relatives to gather rocks, so they took the rocks and piled them up; then they ate beside the pile.
47 Laban named that place in his language A Pile to Remind Us, and Jacob gave the place the same name in Hebrew.
48 Laban said to Jacob, "This pile of rocks will remind us of the agreement between us." That is why the place was called A Pile to Remind Us.
49 It was also called Mizpah, because Laban said, "Let the Lord watch over us while we are separated from each other.
50 Remember that God is our witness even if no one else is around us. He will know if you harm my daughters or marry other women.
51 Here is the pile of rocks that I have put between us and here is the rock I set up on end.
52 This pile of rocks and this rock set on end will remind us of our agreement. I will never go past this pile to hurt you, and you must never come to my side of them to hurt me.
53 Let the God of Abraham, who is the God of Nahor and the God of their fathers, punish either of us if we break this agreement." So Jacob made a promise in the name of the God whom his father Isaac worshiped.
54 Then Jacob killed an animal and offered it as a sacrifice on the mountain, and he invited his relatives to share in the meal. After they finished eating, they spent the night on the mountain.
55 Early the next morning Laban kissed his grandchildren and his daughters and blessed them, and then he left to return home.
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