Luke 1:57-66

57 When it was time for Elizabeth to give birth, she had a boy.
58 Her neighbors and relatives heard how good the Lord was to her, and they rejoiced with her.
59 When the baby was eight days old, they came to circumcise him. They wanted to name him Zechariah because this was his father's name,
60 but his mother said, "No! He will be named John."
61 The people said to Elizabeth, "But no one in your family has this name."
62 Then they made signs to his father to find out what he would like to name him.
63 Zechariah asked for a writing tablet and wrote, "His name is John," and everyone was surprised.
64 Immediately Zechariah could talk again, and he began praising God.
65 All their neighbors became alarmed, and in all the mountains of Judea people continued talking about all these things.
66 The people who heard about them wondered, saying, "What will this child be?" because the Lord was with him.