The Borders of the Land

13 The LORD and King says, "People of Israel, here are the borders you will have after you divide up the land. Each of the 12 tribes will receive a share. But the family of Joseph will have two shares.
14 Divide the land into equal parts. Long ago I raised my hand and took an oath. I promised to give the land to your people. So all of it will belong to you.
15 "Here are the borders of the land.
16 Berothah and Sibraim. Sibraim is between Damascus and Hamath. The border will reach all the way to Hazer Hatticon. It is right next to Hauran.
17 The border will go from the sea to Hazar Enan. It will run north of Damascus and south of Hamath. That will be the north border.
18 "On the east side the border will run between Hauran and Damascus. It will continue along the Jordan River between Gilead and the land of Israel. It will reach to the Dead Sea and all the way to Tamar. That will be the east border.
19 "On the south side the border will start at Tamar. It will reach all the way to the waters of Meribah Kadesh. Then it will run along the Wadi of Egypt. It will end at the Mediterranean Sea. That will be the south border.
20 "On the west side, the Mediterranean Sea will be the border. It will go to a point across from Lebo Hamath. That will be the west border.
21 "You must divide up this land among yourselves. Do it based on the number of men in your tribes.
22 Each of the tribes must receive a share of the land. "You must also give some land to the outsiders who have settled among you and who have children. Treat them as if they had been born in Israel. Let them have some land among your tribes.
23 Outsiders can settle in any tribe. There you must give them their share," announces the LORD and King.