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Proverbs 13; Proverbs 14; Proverbs 15

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Proverbs 13

1 A wise child pays attention to what his father teaches him. But anyone who makes fun of others doesn't listen to warnings.
2 The good things a man says benefit him. But a liar loves to hurt others.
3 Anyone who guards what he says guards his life. But anyone who speaks without thinking will be destroyed.
4 People who refuse to work want things and get nothing. But the longings of people who work hard are completely satisfied.
5 Those who do right hate what is false. But those who do wrong bring shame and dishonor.
6 Doing right guards those who are honest. But evil destroys those who are sinful.
7 Some people pretend to be rich but have nothing. Others pretend to be poor but have great wealth.
8 A man who is rich might have to pay to save his life. But a poor person is not in danger of that.
9 The lights of godly people shine brightly. But the lamps of sinners are blown out.
10 Pride only leads to arguing. But those who take advice are wise.
11 Money that is gained in the wrong way disappears. But money that is gathered little by little grows.
12 Hope that is put off makes one sick at heart. But a longing that is met is like a tree of life.
13 Anyone who hates what he is taught will pay for it later. But a person who respects a command will be rewarded.
14 The teaching of wise people is like a fountain that gives life. It turns those who listen to it away from the jaws of death.
15 Good understanding wins favor. But the way of liars doesn't last.
16 Wise people act in keeping with the knowledge they have. But foolish people show how foolish they are.
17 An evil messenger gets into trouble. But a messenger who is trusted brings healing.
18 Those who turn away from their training become poor and ashamed. But those who accept warnings are honored.
19 A longing that is met is like something that tastes sweet. But foolish people hate to turn away from evil.
20 Anyone who walks with wise people grows wise. But a companion of foolish people suffers harm.
21 Hard times chase those who are sinful. But success is the reward of those who do right.
22 A good person leaves what he owns to his children and grandchildren. But a sinner's wealth is stored up for those who do right.
23 The fields of poor people might produce a lot of food. But those who beat them down destroy it all.
24 Those who don't correct their children hate them. But those who love them are careful to train them.
25 Those who do right eat until they are full. But the stomachs of those who do wrong go hungry.

Proverbs 14

1 A wise woman builds her house. But a foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands.
2 An honest person has respect for the Lord. But a person whose paths are crooked hates him.
3 Foolish people are punished for what they say. But the things wise people say keep them safe.
4 Where there are no oxen, the feed box is empty. But a strong ox brings in a great harvest.
5 An honest witness does not lie. But a dishonest witness pours out lies.
6 Those who make fun of others look for wisdom and don't find it. But knowledge comes easily to those who understand what is right.
7 Stay away from a foolish man. You won't find knowledge in what he says.
8 People are wise and understanding when they think about the way they live. But people are foolish when their foolish ways trick them.
9 Foolish people laugh at making things right when they sin. But honest people try to do the right thing.
10 Each heart knows its own sadness. And no one else can share its joy.
11 The houses of sinners will be destroyed. But the tents of honest people will stand firm.
12 There is a way that may seem right to a man. But in the end it leads to death.
13 Even when you laugh, your heart can be hurting. And your joy can end in sadness.
14 Those who aren't faithful will be paid back for what they've done. And good men will receive rewards for how they've lived.
15 A childish person believes anything. But a wise person thinks about how he lives.
16 A wise person has respect for the LORD and avoids evil. But a foolish person gets mad and is thoughtless.
17 Anyone who gets angry quickly does foolish things. And a man who is tricky is hated.
18 Childish people act in keeping with their foolish ways. But knowledge makes wise people feel like kings.
19 Evil people will bow down in front of good people. And those who do wrong will bow down at the gates of those who do right.
20 Poor people are avoided even by their neighbors. But rich people have many friends.
21 Anyone who hates his neighbor commits sin. But blessed is the person who is kind to those in need.
22 Those who plan evil go down the wrong path. But those who plan good find love and truth.
23 All hard work pays off. But if all you do is talk, you will be poor.
24 The wealth of wise people is their crown. But the foolish ways of foolish people lead to what is foolish.
25 An honest witness saves lives. But a dishonest witness tells lies.
26 Anyone who shows respect for the LORD has a strong tower. It will be a safe place for his children.
27 Respect for the LORD is like a fountain that gives life. It turns you away from the jaws of death.
28 A large population is a king's glory. But a prince without followers is destroyed.
29 Anyone who is patient has great understanding. But anyone who gets angry quickly shows how foolish he is.
30 A peaceful heart gives life to the body. But jealousy rots the bones.
31 Anyone who crushes poor people makes fun of their Maker. But anyone who is kind to those in need honors God.
32 When trouble comes, sinners are brought down. But godly people have a safe place even when they die.
33 Wisdom rests in the hearts of those who understand what is right. And even among foolish people she makes herself known.
34 Doing what is right lifts people up. But sin brings shame to any nation.
35 A king is pleased with a wise servant. But a servant who is full of shame invites the king's anger.

Proverbs 15

1 A gentle answer turns anger away. But mean words stir up anger.
2 The tongues of wise people use knowledge well. But the mouths of foolish people pour out foolish words.
3 The eyes of the LORD are everywhere. They watch those who are evil and those who are good.
4 A tongue that brings healing is like a tree of life. But a tongue that tells lies produces a broken spirit.
5 A foolish person turns his back on how his father has trained him. But anyone who accepts being corrected shows understanding.
6 The houses of those who do what is right hold great wealth. But those who do what is wrong earn only trouble.
7 The lips of wise people spread knowledge. But that's not true of the hearts of foolish people.
8 The LORD hates the sacrifice of sinful people. But the prayers of honest people please him.
9 The LORD hates how sinners live. But he loves those who run after what is right.
10 Hard training is in store for anyone who leaves the right path. A person who hates to be corrected will die.
11 Death and the Grave lie open in front of the Lord. So the hearts of mere men certainly lie open to him!
12 Anyone who makes fun of others doesn't like to be corrected. He won't ask wise people for advice.
13 A happy heart makes a face look cheerful. But a sad heart produces a broken spirit.
14 A heart that understands what is right looks for knowledge. But the mouths of foolish people feed on what is foolish.
15 All the days of those who are crushed are filled with pain and suffering. But a cheerful heart enjoys a good time that never ends.
16 It is better to have respect for the LORD and have little than to be rich and have trouble.
17 A meal of vegetables where there is love is better than the finest meat where there is hatred.
18 A man who burns with anger stirs up fights. But a person who is patient calms things down.
19 The way of people who don't want to work is blocked with thorns. But the path of honest people is a wide road.
20 A wise son makes his father glad. But a foolish son hates his mother.
21 A person who has no sense enjoys doing foolish things. But a man who has understanding walks straight ahead.
22 Plans fail without good advice. But they succeed when there are many advisers.
23 Joy is found in giving the right answer. And how good is a word spoken at the right time!
24 The path of life leads up for those who are wise. It keeps them from going down to the grave.
25 The LORD tears down the proud person's house. But he keeps the widow's property safe.
26 The LORD hates the thoughts of sinful people. But the thoughts of pure people are pleasing to him.
27 Anyone who always wants more brings trouble to his family. But a person who refuses to be paid off will live.
28 The hearts of those who do right think about how they will answer. But the mouths of those who do wrong pour out evil.
29 The LORD is far away from those who do wrong. But he hears the prayers of those who do right.
30 A cheerful look brings joy to your heart. And good news gives health to your body.
31 If you listen to a warning, you will live. You will be at home among those who are wise.
32 Anyone who turns away from his training hates himself. But anyone who accepts being corrected gains understanding.
33 Having respect for the LORD teaches you how to live wisely. So don't be proud if you want to be honored.