Tehillim 52

1 2 (For the one directing. A maskil of Dovid. When Doeg HaAdomi [the Edomite] went to Sha’ul and said to him, Dovid has gone to Bais Achimelech). Why boastest thou thyself in ra’ah, O gibbor? The chesed El is kol hayom.
24 (4) The leshon (tongue) deviseth treachery; like a sharp ta’ar (razor), working remiyyah (deceit).
35 (5) Thou lovest rah more than tov; and sheker rather than to speak tzedek. Selah.
46 (6) Thou lovest all devouring words, O thou leshon mirmah (deceitful tongue).
57 (7) El shall likewise demolish thee for netzach (eternity), He shall break thee, and pluck thee out of thy ohel, and uproot thee out of the Eretz Chayyim. Selah.
68 (8) The tzaddikim also shall see, and fear, and shall laugh at him:
79 (9) Hinei, this is the gever (man) that made not Elohim his ma’oz; but trusted in the abundance of his osher (riches), and strengthened himself in his treachery.
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