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Parallel Bible results for Malachi 1

Common English Bible

New International Version

Malachi 1

CEB 1 A pronouncement. The LORD's word to Israel through Malachi. NIV 1 A prophecy: The word of the LORD to Israel through Malachi. CEB 2 I have loved you, says the LORD; but you say, "How have you loved us?" Wasn't Esau Jacob's brother? says the LORD. I loved Jacob, NIV 2 “I have loved you,” says the LORD. “But you ask, ‘How have you loved us?’ “Was not Esau Jacob’s brother?” declares the LORD. “Yet I have loved Jacob, CEB 3 but I rejected Esau. I turned Esau's mountains into desolation, his inheritance into a wilderness for jackals. NIV 3 but Esau I have hated, and I have turned his hill country into a wasteland and left his inheritance to the desert jackals.” CEB 4 Edom may say, "We are beaten down, but we will rebuild the ruins"; but the LORD of heavenly forces proclaims: They may build, but I will tear them down. They will call themselves a wicked territory, the people against whom the LORD rages forever. NIV 4 Edom may say, “Though we have been crushed, we will rebuild the ruins.” But this is what the LORD Almighty says: “They may build, but I will demolish. They will be called the Wicked Land, a people always under the wrath of the LORD. CEB 5 Your eyes will see it and you will say, "May the LORD be great beyond the borders of Israel." NIV 5 You will see it with your own eyes and say, ‘Great is the LORD—even beyond the borders of Israel!’ CEB 6 A son honors a father, and a servant honors his master. But if I'm a father, where is my honor? Or if I'm a master, where is my respect? says the LORD of heavenly forces to you priests who despise my name. So you say, "How have we despised your name?" NIV 6 “A son honors his father, and a slave his master. If I am a father, where is the honor due me? If I am a master, where is the respect due me?” says the LORD Almighty. “It is you priests who show contempt for my name. “But you ask, ‘How have we shown contempt for your name?’ CEB 7 By approaching my altar with polluted food. But you say, "How have we polluted it?" When you say, "The table of the LORD can be despised." NIV 7 “By offering defiled food on my altar. “But you ask, ‘How have we defiled you?’ “By saying that the LORD’s table is contemptible. CEB 8 If you bring a blind animal to sacrifice, isn't that evil? If you bring a lame or sick one, isn't that evil? Would you bring it to your governor? Would he be pleased with it or accept you? says the LORD of heavenly forces. NIV 8 When you offer blind animals for sacrifice, is that not wrong? When you sacrifice lame or diseased animals, is that not wrong? Try offering them to your governor! Would he be pleased with you? Would he accept you?” says the LORD Almighty. CEB 9 So now ask God to be gracious to us. After what you have done, will he accept you? says the LORD of heavenly forces. NIV 9 “Now plead with God to be gracious to us. With such offerings from your hands, will he accept you?”—says the LORD Almighty. CEB 10 Who among you will shut the doors of the temple so that you don't burn something on my altar in vain? I take no delight in you, says the LORD of heavenly forces. I won't accept a grain offering from your hand. NIV 10 “Oh, that one of you would shut the temple doors, so that you would not light useless fires on my altar! I am not pleased with you,” says the LORD Almighty, “and I will accept no offering from your hands. CEB 11 Nevertheless, from sunrise to sunset, my name will be great among the nations. Incense and a pure grain offering will be offered everywhere in my name, because my name is great among the nations, says the LORD of heavenly forces. NIV 11 My name will be great among the nations, from where the sun rises to where it sets. In every place incense and pure offerings will be brought to me, because my name will be great among the nations,” says the LORD Almighty. CEB 12 But you make my name impure when you say, "The table of the LORD is polluted. Its fruit, its food, is despised." NIV 12 “But you profane it by saying, ‘The Lord’s table is defiled,’ and, ‘Its food is contemptible.’ CEB 13 But you say, "How tedious!" and you groan about it, says the LORD of heavenly forces. You permit what is stolen, lame, or sick to be brought for a sacrifice, and you bring the grain offering. Should I accept such from your hands? says the LORD. NIV 13 And you say, ‘What a burden!’ and you sniff at it contemptuously,” says the LORD Almighty. “When you bring injured, lame or diseased animals and offer them as sacrifices, should I accept them from your hands?” says the LORD. CEB 14 I will curse the cheater who has a healthy male in his flock, but who promises and sacrifices to the LORD that which is corrupt. I am truly a great king, says the LORD of heavenly forces, and my name is feared among the nations. NIV 14 “Cursed is the cheat who has an acceptable male in his flock and vows to give it, but then sacrifices a blemished animal to the Lord. For I am a great king,” says the LORD Almighty, “and my name is to be feared among the nations.

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