Parallel Bible results for Naum 2

Septuagint Bible w/ Apocrypha

New International Version

Naum 2

LXX 1 It is all over with him, he has been removed, who has been delivered from affliction has come up panting into thy presence, watch the way, strengthen loins, be very valiant in strength. NIV 1 An attacker advances against you, Nineveh. Guard the fortress, watch the road, brace yourselves, marshal all your strength! LXX 2 For the Lord has turned aside the pride of Jacob, as the pride of Israel: for they have utterly rejected them, and have destroyed their branches. NIV 2 The LORD will restore the splendor of Jacob like the splendor of Israel, though destroyers have laid them waste and have ruined their vines. LXX 3 the arms of their power from among men, their mighty men sporting with fire: the reins of their chariots in the day of his preparation, and the horsemen shall be thrown into confusion NIV 3 The shields of the soldiers are red; the warriors are clad in scarlet. The metal on the chariots flashes on the day they are made ready; the spears of juniper are brandished. LXX 4 in the ways, and the chariots shall clash together, and shall be entangled in each other in the broad ways: their appearance is as lamps of fire, and as gleaming lightnings. NIV 4 The chariots storm through the streets, rushing back and forth through the squares. They look like flaming torches; they dart about like lightning. LXX 5 And their mighty men shall bethink themselves and flee by day; and they shall be weak as they go; and they shall hasten to her walls, and shall prepare their defences. NIV 5 Nineveh summons her picked troops, yet they stumble on their way. They dash to the city wall; the protective shield is put in place. LXX 6 The gates of the cities have been opened, and the palaces have fallen into ruin, NIV 6 The river gates are thrown open and the palace collapses. LXX 7 and the foundation has been exposed; and she has gone up, and her maid-servants were led as doves moaning in their hearts. NIV 7 It is decreed that Nineveh be exiled and carried away. Her female slaves moan like doves and beat on their breasts. LXX 8 And Nineve, her waters as a pool of water: and they fled, and staid not, and there was none to look back. NIV 8 Nineveh is like a pool whose water is draining away. “Stop! Stop!” they cry, but no one turns back. LXX 9 They plundered the silver, they plundered the gold, and there was no end of their adorning; they were loaded upon all their pleasant vessels. NIV 9 Plunder the silver! Plunder the gold! The supply is endless, the wealth from all its treasures! LXX 10 thrusting forth, and shaking, and tumult, and heart-breaking, and loosing of knees, and pangs on all loins; and the faces of all as the blackening of a pot. NIV 10 She is pillaged, plundered, stripped! Hearts melt, knees give way, bodies tremble, every face grows pale. LXX 11 Where is the dwelling-place of the lions, and the pasture that belonged to the whelps? where did the lion go, that the lion's whelp should enter in there, and there was none to scare away? NIV 11 Where now is the lions’ den, the place where they fed their young, where the lion and lioness went, and the cubs, with nothing to fear? LXX 12 The lion seized enough prey for his whelps, and strangled for his lions, and filled his lair with prey, and his dwelling-place with spoil. NIV 12 The lion killed enough for his cubs and strangled the prey for his mate, filling his lairs with the kill and his dens with the prey. LXX 13 Behold, I am against thee, saith the Lord Almighty, and I will burn up thy multitude in the smoke, and the sword shall devour thy lions; and I will utterly destroy thy prey from off the land, and thy deeds shall no more at all be heard of. NIV 13 “I am against you,” declares the LORD Almighty. “I will burn up your chariots in smoke, and the sword will devour your young lions. I will leave you no prey on the earth. The voices of your messengers will no longer be heard.”

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