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  • 8 Of Yissakhar, Netanel ben Tzuar;

  • 8 And his tz’va (host), and those that were numbered thereof, were fifty and seven thousand and four hundred.

  • 3 These are the shmot of the Bnei Aharon, the kohanim hameshuchim whose hand he filled [i.e., ordained] to be kohen [Shemot 29; Vayikra 8].

  • 8 And they shall be shomer mishmeret over kol klei Ohel Mo’ed (all the vessels, furnishings of the Ohel Mo’ed) for the Bnei Yisroel, doing the avodat HaMishkan (work of the Mishkan).

  • 8 And they shall spread upon them a cloth of scarlet, and cover the same with a tachash hide covering, and shall put in the poles thereof.

  • 8 But if the man have no go’el unto whom reparation for the asham can be made, let the asham be recompensed unto Hashem, even to the kohen, besides the ram of the kippurim, whereby a kapparah shall be made on his behalf.

  • 8 Kol yemei of his nazir (separation) he is kadosh unto Hashem.

  • 8 And four carts and eight oxen he gave unto the Bnei Merari, according unto their service, under the hand of Itamar ben Aharon HaKohen.

  • 1 And Hashem spoke unto Moshe, saying,

  • 2 Speak unto Aharon and say unto him, When thou set up the Nerot (lamps), the seven Nerot (lamps) shall cast light in front of the Menorah.

  • 3 And Aharon did so; he set up the Nerot (lamps) thereof to give light in front of the Menorah, as Hashem commanded Moshe.

  • 4 And the Menorah was made thus of hammered zahav, from its base unto its flower was it hammered out; according unto the mar’eh (pattern) which Hashem had shown Moshe, so he made the Menorah.

  • 5 And Hashem spoke unto Moshe, saying,

  • 6 Take the Levi’im from among the Bnei Yisroel, and make them tahor.

  • 7 And thus shalt thou do unto them, to make them tahor: Sprinkle water of purification upon them, and let them cause a razor to pass over their basar, and let them wash their clothes, and so make themselves tahor.

  • 8 Then let them take a young bull with its minchah, even fine flour mixed with shemen, and another young bull shalt thou take for a chattat.

  • 9 And thou shalt bring the Levi’im before the Ohel Mo’ed: and thou shalt gather Kol Adat Bnei Yisroel together;

  • 10 And thou shalt bring the Levi’im before Hashem; and the Bnei Yisroel shall lay their hands upon the Levi’im;

  • 11 And Aharon shall offer the Levi’im before Hashem for a tenufah from the Bnei Yisroel, that they may perform the Avodat Hashem.

  • 12 And the Levi’im shall lay their hands upon the rosh of the bulls; and thou shalt offer the one for a chattat, and the other for an olah, unto Hashem, to make kapporah for the Levi’im.

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