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  • 28 Now therefore be pleased to look upon me; for it is evident unto you if in me there is kazav (falsity).

  • 28 I am afraid of all my sorrows; I have da’as that Thou wilt not hold me innocent.

  • 28 Around one who wastes away as a rotten thing, as a beged (garment) that is moth eaten.

  • 28 And he dwelleth in desolate towns, and in batim (houses) which no man inhabiteth, which are ready to crumble to rubble.

  • 28 But ye think, How we will persecute him, seeing the shoresh (root) of the matter is found in me?

  • 28 The increase of his bais shall depart, and his goods shall flow away in [G-d’s] Yom Af.

  • 28 For ye say, Where is the bais of the tyrant? And where are the ohel mishkenot of the resha’im?

  • 28 Thou shalt also decide a matter, and it shall be established unto thee, and the ohr shall shine upon thy ways.

  • 25 And if it be not so, who will charge me with lying, and make my milah (word) worth nothing? [T.N. Notice the question answered by Romans, Galatians, and Gn 15:6 as well as Chabakuk 2:4 is stated in Job 25:4 below; see Ephesians 2:8-9 and Ro 3:24,26, 28; 4:2; 5:1,9; Ga 2:16,17; 3:11, 24; 5:4; Ti 3:7; this the most important question raised in the Bible: it is for eternity]

  • 1 8 Surely there is a mine for the kesef, and a makom for zahav where they refine it.

  • 2 Barzel (iron) is taken out of aphar, and nechoshet is smelted out of the even (stone, ore).

  • 3 He setteth a ketz to choshech, and searcheth out all extremities, the even (ore) of darkness and tzalmavet.

  • 4 He cuts out a shaft down far from the inhabitant; forgotten of the regel, they dangle, suspended, away from enosh.

  • 5 As for eretz, out of it cometh lechem, and under it is transformed as by eish.

  • 6 The stones of it are the makom of the sapphire, and it hath ore of zahav.

  • 7 There is a hidden path of which no bird of prey has da’as, and which the falcon’s eye hath not seen.

  • 8 The proud beasts have not trodden it, nor the shachal (lion’s cub) passed over it.

  • 9 He [the miner] putteth forth his yad upon the rock; he upturneth the mountains by the shoresh.

  • 10 He cutteth out channels through the tzurot (rocks), and his eye seeth every precious thing.

  • 11 He dams up the streams from flowing, and the thing that is hidden bringeth he forth to ohr.

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