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  • 5 Through him and for the kavod of his Name, we have received unmerited Chen v’Chesed Hashem and the Shlichus for the tachlis (purpose) of bringing about the mishma’at of emunah among all Nations,

  • 18 For the Charon Af Hashem (the burning anger of G-d Ro 1:18; 2:8; 3:5; 4:15; 5:9; 9:22; 12:19; 13:4) is being revealed from Shomayim. It is being revealed against all without yirat Shomayim and Tzedek, all bnei Adam who wickedly repress HaEmes [of Hashem],

  • 5 As a result of your KESHI (stubbornness, hardness, DEVARIM 9:27) and your levavot without teshuva, you are storing up for yourself Charon Af Hashem (the burning anger of G-d) in the Yom Af (the Day of Wrath TEHILLIM 110:5, i.e., the Yom HaDin, the Day of Judgment), when will be revealed the Mishpat HaTzedek of Hashem,

  • 24 As it is written, Among the Goyim KOL HAYOM HASHEM HAELOHIM MINNO’ATZ ("All the day long the Name of G-d is being blasphemed" (YESHAYAH 52:5) because of you.

  • 5 But if our unrighteousness brings out and highlights the Tzedek Olamim, the Tzidkat Hashem (the righteousness of G-d), what shall we say? Rhetorically speaking, is G-d unjust in inflicting Charon Af Hashem (1:18)? (I speak from a human standpoint.)

  • 18 There is no yirat Shomayim (fear of G-d) before their eyes. (See TEHILLIM 13:1-3; 14:1-3; 5:9,10; 139:4; 140:3; 9:28; 10:7; YESHAYAH 59:7 8; TEHILLIM 36:1; MISHLE 1:16; TEHILLIM 35:2.)

  • 19 Now we know that whatever the Torah says, it says to those under the Torah, in order that every mouth might be stopped and kol HaOlam Hazeh become ashem (guilty) and liable to the Mishpat Hashem [TEHILLIM 1:5].

  • 5 But to the man who does not "work" but has emunah and bitachon in the One who takes the impious man lacking chasidus and accounts him to be YITZDAK IM HASHEM (justified with G-d), such a man who does not "work " but has emunah (faith), such emunah is credited to him for TZEDAKAH ("righteousness" BERESHIS 15:6).

  • 17 as it is written, AV HAMON GOYIM N’TATICHA ("I have made you father of many nations" BERESHIS 17:5). This was in the sight of Hashem in whom "he believed," G-d who gives Chayyim to the Mesim and calls things which have no existence into existence.

  • 18 Against tikvah (hope), in tikvah "he believed," in order that he might become AV HAMON GOYIM ("father of many nations" BERESHIS 17:5) in accordance with what had been said, "So shall your ZERA ("seed’) be" BERESHIS 15:5.

  • 25 Who was handed over for PEYSHA’EINU (our transgressions, YESHAYAH 53:5) and made to stand up in his Techiyas HaMoshiach that we be YITZDAK IM HASHEM (be justified with G-d, that we have our justification, our acquittal, vindication see Ro 5:18).

  • 1 Therefore, having been acquitted and declared not guilty, declared to be YITZDAK IM HASHEM (IYOV 25:4) on the yesod (basis) of our emunah (faith), we have shalom (peace) in relation to Hashem though Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua Adoneinu,

  • 2 Through whom also we have HaSha’ar laHashem (gate to appoach G-d’s presence, access of the Tzaddikim TEHILLIM 118:20) by emunah into this unmerited Chen v’Chesed in which we stand and glory in tikvah of the kavod Eloheinu.

  • 3 Not only so, but we also glory in tzoros (troubles, afflictions), knowing that tzarah (trouble) produces zitzfleisch (patience),

  • 4 Zitzfleisch produces tested character and midos, and tested character and midos produce tikvah.

  • 5 And tikvah does not in the end lead to our being meyayesh (despairing) in disillusionment and bushah (shame) (TEHILLIM 25:3), because the Ahavas Hashem (G-d’s love) has been poured out in our levavot through the Ruach Hakodesh given to us.

  • 6 For while we were still helpless, Moshiach died for the resha’im (the unrighteous persons, the wicked), doing so at the appointed time [DANIEL 9:24-26]!

  • 7 For only rarely will someone die for a tzaddik (righteous man); though efsher (perhaps) it is shayach (conceivable) that someone will dare to die for the tzaddik.

  • 8 But Hashem demonstrates His ahavah for us in that while we were still chote’im, Moshiach died for us.

  • 9 How much more then, having now been acquitted and pronounced to be YITZDAK IM HASHEM (IYOV 25:4) on the basis of the Moshiach’s DAHM (blood) and sacrificial death (YESHAYAH 53:11-12), how much more then shall we be delivered through him from the eschatological Charon Af Hashem (burning anger of G-d)!

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