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  • 1 04 Barachi (bless) Hashem, O my nefesh. Hashem Elohai, Thou art gadol me’od; Thou art clothed with hod (honor) and hadar (majesty).

  • 2 Who coverest Thyself with ohr (light) as with a garment; Who stretchest out Shomayim like a tent (curtain);

  • 3 Who layeth the beams of His aliyyot (upper rooms) on the mayim; Who maketh the clouds His merkavah; Who walketh upon the wings of the ruach (wind);

  • 4 Who maketh ruchot (spirits, winds) His malachim; His mesharetim (ministers), flaming eish;

  • 5 Who laid the mekhonim (foundations) of ha’aretz, that it should not move out of place olam va’ed.

  • 6 Thou coveredst it with the tehom (deep) as with a garment; the mayim stood above the harim (mountains).

  • 7 At Thy ga’arah (rebuke) they fled; at the voice of Thy thunder they hasted away.

  • 8 They go up by the harim (mountains); they go down by the beka’ot (valleys) unto the makom (place) which Thou hast assigned for them.

  • 9 Thou hast set a boundary that they [the waters] may not pass over; that they return not to cover ha’aretz.

  • 10 He sendeth the ma’ayanim (springs) into the ravines, which run among the harim.

  • 11 They give drink to every beast of the sadeh; the pera’im (donkeys) quench their thirst.

  • 12 By them shall the oph HaShomayim have their habitation, which sing among the branches.

  • 13 He watereth the harim from His aliyyot (upper rooms); ha’aretz is satisfied with the p’ri (fruit) of Thy ma’asim.

  • 14 He causeth the khatzir (grass) to grow for the behemah, and esev for the avodas ha’adam; that he may bring forth lechem out of ha’aretz;

  • 15 And yayin that maketh glad levav enosh, and shemen to make panim (faces) to shine, and lechem which strengtheneth levav enosh.

  • 16 The trees of Hashem are full of sap, the arazim (cedars) of Levanon, which He hath planted;

  • 17 Where the tzipporim (birds) make their nests; as for the khasidah (stork), the beroshim (cypresses) are her bais.

  • 18 The high hills are a makhseh (refuge, shelter) for the wild goats; and the rocks for the gophers.

  • 19 He appointed the yarei’ach for mo’adim; the shemesh knoweth the place of its going down.

  • 20 Thou makest choshech, and it is lailah; wherein all the beasts of the ya’ar (forest) do creep forth.

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