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  • 3 And Elohim said, Let there be light: and there was light [Tehillim 33:6,9].

  • 323 (33) It is El that armeth me with chayil, and maketh my derech tamim (perfect).

  • 1 3 Sing with joy in Hashem, O ye tzaddikim; for tehillah is fitting for the yesharim (upright ones).

  • 2 Hodu l’Hashem with kinnor (harp); make music unto Him with the ten stringed nevel (lyre).

  • 3 Sing unto Him a shir chadash (new song); play skillfully with a teru’ah (shout of joy).

  • 4 For the Devar Hashem is yashar; and kol ma’aseihu (all His deeds) are done in emunah (faithfulness).

  • 5 He loveth Tzedakah and Mishpat; ha’aretz is full of the chesed Hashem.

  • 6 By the Devar Hashem were Shomayim made; and all the tz’va (host) of them by the ruach (breath) of His mouth [MJ 11:3; Yn 1:1; Psa 56:5].

  • 7 He gathereth the mey hayam (waters of the sea) like a mound; He layeth up the tehomot (ocean depths) in otzarot (storehouses, vaults).

  • 8 Let kol ha’aretz fear Hashem; let kol yoshvei tevel (all the inhabitants of the world) stand in awe of Him.

  • 9 For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood firm.

  • 10 Hashem annuls the atzat Goyim (plan of the Goyim); He foils the machsh’vot Amim (schemes of the peoples).

  • 11 The atzat Hashem standeth firm l’olam, the machsh’vot of His lev l’dor va’dor (from generation to generation).

  • 12 Ashrei is the Goy whose Elohav is Hashem; and HaAm whom He hath chosen for His own nachalah.

  • 13 Hashem looketh down from Shomayim: He beholdeth kol Bnei HaAdam.

  • 14 From the place of His habitation He looketh upon kol yoshvei ha’aretz.

  • 15 He formeth their hearts yachad; He considereth all their ma’asim (deeds).

  • 16 There is no melech saved by the multitude of an army; a gibbor is not delivered by rav ko’ach.

  • 17 A sus is a sheker (vain, false thing) for teshu’ah (deliverance, salvation, safety); neither shall it save any by its great strength.

  • 18 Hinei, the eye of Hashem is upon them that fear Him, upon them that hope in His chesed;

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