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  • 1 8 (Shir. Mizmor of the Bnei Korach. For the one directing. According to Machalat le‘annot. Maskil of Herman the Ezrachi.) Hashem Elohei Yeshuati (G-d of my salvation), I have cried out yom valailah before Thee.

  • 23 (3) Let my tefillah come before Thee; incline Thine ear unto my cry;

  • 34 (4) For my nefesh is full of troubles; and my life draweth near unto Sheol.

  • 45 (5) I am counted with them that go down into the bor (pit); I am like a gever (man) that hath no strength;

  • 56 (6) Forsaken among the mesim, like the slain that lie in the kever, whom Thou rememberest no more; and nigzaru (they are cut off, excluded; see Isa 53:8) from Thy Yad (hand, power, care).

  • 67 (7) Thou hast laid me in the lowest bor (pit), in darkness, in the deeps.

  • 78 (8) Thy wrath lieth hard upon me, and Thou hast overwhelmed me with kol mishbarecha (all Thy waves, breakers). Selah.

  • 89 (9) Thou hast estranged mine acquaintances far from me; Thou hast made me to’evot unto them; I am shut up, and I cannot escape.

  • 101 (11) Wilt Thou show wonders to the mesim? Shall the lifeless arise and praise Thee? Selah.

  • 111 (12) Shall Thy chesed be declared in the kever? Or Thy emunah in Avaddon?

  • 121 (13) Shall Thy wonders be known in the choshech? And Thy tzedakah in the Eretz Neshiyyah (land of forgetfulness, oblivion)?

  • 131 (14) But unto Thee have I cried, Hashem; and in the boker shall my tefillah come before Thee.

  • 141 (15) Hashem, why castest Thou off my nefesh? Why hidest Thou Thy face from me?

  • 151 (16) I am afflicted and govei’a (one being close to death) from my youth up; while I suffer Thy terrors I am distraught.

  • 161 (17) Thy charon (fierce wrath) goeth over me; Thy terrors have flayed me.

  • 171 (18) They came round about me daily like mayim; they close in, engulfing me.

  • 181 (19) Ohev (lover) and re’a (companion) hast Thou estranged from me, and mine acquaintances are in darkness. [T.N. Ps 89 is a messianic Ps.]

  • 88 Revive me after Thy chesed; so shall I be shomer over the edut of Thy mouth. Lamed

  • 11 They have over them a melech (king), the malach (angel) of the Tehom (Abyss), the name for him in Ivrit, "Abaddon," (that is, Destruction) and in Elliniki he has the name Apollyon (that is, "Destroyer"). [IYOV 26:6; 28:22; 31:12; TEHILLIM 88:11]

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