Truth in any Tongue

The Scriptures have been translated into more than a thousand languages by many worthy organizations. In fact, the Old Testament books are presently being made available in another hundred new tongues! The Word of God lends itself well to this necessary and wonderful work. For instance, the American Bible Society reports: "We in the United States love the Lord with our heart,' but the Karre people of French Equatorial Africa love Him with their 'liver.' The Conob Indians of Guatemala love with their 'stomachs,' and the Marshall Islanders in the South Pacific with their 'throats.' But do all these different words in the various languages distort the message? Not at all. In each tongue they are synonymous with the sense of the original. Though we say, 'I press toward the mark' (Phil. 3:14) and the Navajo Indians say, 'I run with my mouth open,' it is one and the same truth."