Kathy Ireland is probably best known as one of America's top super models. Now she has become a successful business woman and an outspoken witness for her Christian faith. She recently wrote a book entitled, Powerful Inspirations: Eight Lessons That Will Change Your Life. In interviews related to the book, Ireland has spoken of her spiritual pilgrimage. She mentioned that growing up she always believed in God but that she at times saw only an angry God. Her mother became a devoted Christian first. When Ireland was 18, she first devoted her life to Christ. She had just turned 18 and was on a modeling trip in Paris, France. She was young, attractive, wealthy, but lonely. Ireland's mother had packed a Bible in her suitcase. "I was really lonely there and staying in a home where I didn't feel comfortable," she says. Every day, she would come home from work, lock herself in her room and read her Bible. "I just happened to turn to the Gospels and, as I read, my eyes and my heart just opened up. God just knew what I needed."

-Michael Shannon, Preaching May/June 2004