There is a story from the history of Kentucky about a man named Sam Holmes who was in jail for the charge of murder. He was visited by a childhood friend named Lucien Young. Young was a man of bravery who had been honored for rescuing people from a wrecked ship. It was because of Young’s pleading that the governor decided to reconsider the case and gave him a signed pardon for his friend. When Young came to visit Holmes, he asked, “Sam, if you were turned loose and fully pardoned, what would be the first thing you would do?” Sam responded that he would go and kill the judge and the man who was a witness against him. Upon hearing that, Young left the prison with the pardon still in his pocket. After reaching the outside he tore it into pieces. Holmes remained unpardoned because he refused to forgive. We know from reading the words of Jesus that He expects us to show a spirit of forgiveness.