Some months ago the New York Times published a piece by Thomas L. Friedman, in which he noted that no two countries that both have a McDonald's restaurant have ever fought a war against each other. He doesn't count civil wars. McDonald's has restaurants in 100 countries now. It makes more money outside the U.S.A. than inside the U.S.A. They open a new McDonald's every three hours. There may be more than coincidence to the McDonald's theory. The company focuses on the more well developed economies and these countries find the risk of war too great. As a country opens itself to foreign investment there is a gradual democratization and an understanding that war will disrupt the new economy. Others question the theory. They say that it is only coincidence and sometime in the next decade two McDonald countries will go to war with each other.

Certainly Christians expect "wars and rumors of wars" until the end of time. We are convinced that Christ, not Ronald McDonald will bring peace to the world.