General George Washington had known nothing but defeat in the American Revolution until he won the famous victory at Trenton on Christmas Day, 1776. Every school boy or girl knows how he waited until the Hessian soldiers fighting for Britain were drunk from partying, and then attacked and defeated them. What is not so well known is that the commanding officer at Trenton, Colonel Gottlieb Rail had been warned of the attack. The night before while he drank and played cards at the home of loyalist Abraham Hunt, a Tory farmer came with a note warning of the coming attack. Hunt's butler would not let the farmer in, but he did deliver the note to Rail who put it into his pocket unread. After the battle, as he lay mortally wounded, the note fell out of his pocket and Rail read it too late.

Prophets and apostles and Jesus Himself have all given us warning after warning after warning. How foolish we would be to ignore them.