There is a legend among the gypsies of Eastern Europe that Roman soldiers were sent out to find a blacksmith to forge four nails to crucify Jesus. Finally, they found a gypsy blacksmith and paid him to do it.  When he had finished three, they said they had no time to wait for the fourth and left. Since it was paid for, he finished the fourth nail. Taking the hot spike from the forge he poured water on it, but it still glowed. He dropped it in water, but it still glowed. He buried it in the sand, but it still glowed red. He dropped it into a well with no effect. All the rest of his life he was bothered by the glow that would not go out. 
That story is only fiction, but here is a fact: There is a glow that is kindled in our hearts when we come around the Lord’s table. This glow will be with us until we return to have it kindled once again.