At the state funeral of Ronald Reagan, the story was told of the time Reagan was in the hospital, recovering from the attempt on his life. An aide entering the room was alarmed to find him on hands and knees, wiping up some water he had spilled from the sink. "Mr. President!" exclaimed the aide, "We have people for this." Reagan simply replied that he didn't want the nurses getting into trouble because of water on the bathroom floor.

Few people get to meet a sitting (or kneeling) president, but even fewer of us know a genuinely humble soul. We're proud and self-centered by nature, and humility is an unnatural trait.

Sometimes the Lord has to use circumstances in life to foster humility in our hearts. If you're facing a situation right now that wasn't planned and isn't wanted, perhaps the Lord means to use it for good in your heart. Perhaps He's teaching you to trust Him, to lean on Him, to follow His way and not your own or to confess to Him your self-sufficiency and self-centeredness.

(Turning Point Daily Devotional, 10-25-04)