10 Myths People Believe about Their Church

Malinda Fuller

10 Myths People Believe about Their Church Monday, July 3, 2017

There is no denying the fact that a perfect church does not exist. Many people think they do, that by some miracle there is a place where quarrels never happen, everyone gets along, and all aspects of ministry result in win-win scenarios. Sadly, there are no perfect churches, because there are no perfect people. Just as companies and organizations are run by imperfect individuals who make decisions out of selfish motives, act out of greed, and abuse power so does the church.

The size, denomination, age, and socio-economic status change nothing because it is the people who are flawed—not a building, doctrine, or set of core values. The perfect church is one of the greatest fabrications in the Christian world—the belief that if I could just move to “that” church, life would get better.

It is a terrible myth and it’s not the only one. We’ve managed to come up with 10 others:

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10 Myths People Believe about Their Church

1. The church just wants my money.

Most of us know that this isn’t true, but some still act like it. When the offering moment arrives, they find some way to distract themselves from the plate being passed from one person to the next: They run to the restroom, strike up a conversation with a neighbor, or zone in on their phone screen--anything to hold their pocketbooks just a little tighter. 

These are the type of people who don’t understand that without the regular offering, there wouldn’t be air conditioning in the summer, toilet paper in the bathroom, or a facility and workers eager to hang out with their children during the entire service. It takes money to turn on the lights, and open the doors of the church, just as it does in their home.


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