15 Things You Need to Know About Angels

15 Things You Need to Know About Angels Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We seem to know very little about the existence and ministry of Angels. To most of us angels are more decoration than the reality. Angels appear on tombstones, the walls of nurseries, jewelry, Renaissance art, ordination certificates, Christmas cards, and Valentines. Angels are usually fat and naked and have little bows and arrows with wings on their backs! These caricatures are so unfortunate.

Nevertheless, the Bible tells us that angels have very special ministries both in heaven and on earth. Angels have a lot to do, especially for those who have eyes to see. I believe that most of their work goes on behind the scenes where they are usually not noticed. 

But for all that we don’t know, here’s what the Bible does tell us about angelic beings:

15 Things You Need to Know About Angels

1. God created the angels before he created anything else in the universe.

All of the angels were created simultaneously—and their number is incomprehensible. Revelation 5:11 records the number of Angels: “Ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands and thousands.” The Bible says that the angels watched God work and shouted for joy at the results of the creation (Job 38:4-7).

And just in case you’re wondering, they are unable to procreate. (Matthew 22:30). The number of angels has always been constant.

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