9 Simple Ways to Make Your Bible Reading Easier

Betsy de Cruz

9 Simple Ways to Make Your Bible Reading Easier Wednesday, March 1, 2017

If you’re like me, some days reading the Bible feels like running five miles on a treadmill after two hours’ sleep with 10 urgent things on your mind. It feels like a drag you don’t really have time for. It’s one more box to check off your list of “Things Good Christians Do.” Maybe you speed read while checking your phone. Five minutes after you snap that Bible shut, you don’t remember a thing anyway. So what’s the point?

Or perhaps you feel guilty because you never get around to it, and who needs that?

Bible reading can be an empowering, life-transforming habit, but maybe we make it too difficult. We think we have to carve out a half hour each day for serious Bible study. We think we have to plow through the entire Bible in one year for it to really count. Then we get discouraged when we can’t follow through. All or nothing thinking can leave us feeling defeated before we even start.

In reality, reading the Bible doesn’t have to be hard. God loves any small effort we make to draw near to Him through reading His Word.

Here are nine simple ways to make Bible reading easier.

9 Simple Ways to Make Your Bible Reading Easier

1. Re-Think It

One fundamental way we can make Bible reading simpler is to look at it as a means to draw near to God and get to know Him better. I don’t really want to read Scripture just for the sake of reading it. The thought of spending a few minutes with God while I read Scripture motivates me more than reading a book to learn about Him. If our main goal is to connect with God, it doesn’t matter if we read one verse or a whole chapter.