Top 10 Weird Bible Stories

Amy Green

Top 10 Weird Bible Stories Friday, April 28, 2017

Sure, the Bible has the classics that most Christians have heard since they were young—David and Goliath, Noah and the ark, Jesus healing the blind man. But within the pages of Scripture are many stories that are obscure, dramatic, and just plain bizarre. Here are the ones your Sunday School teacher didn’t tell you.

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Top 10 Weird Bible Stories

10. Long Sermon Turns Deadly

What Happened: Paul was preaching in Troas, and a teenager name Eutychus decided it would be a great idea to sit on the sill of an open third-story window. Once the sermon ran long, Eutychus fell asleep… and fell out of the window, breaking his neck. Before his family could even start planning the funeral, Paul raised him to life again. Is it a cautionary tale about staying awake in church? You decide.

Less Weird When You Remember: Teen boys in the first century apparently had just as little common sense as modern teens—and attention spans of similar length too.

Read the Story: Acts 20:7-13


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