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Hebrews 13:1-17

1 Let brotherly love continue.
2 Be not forgetfull to lodge straungers. For therby have dyvers receaved angels into their houses vnwares.
3 Remember them that are in bondes even as though ye were bounde with them. Be myndfull of them which are in adversitie as ye which are yet in youre bodies.
4 Let wedlocke be had in pryce in all poyntes and let the chamber be vndefiled: for whore kepers and advoutrars god will iudge.
5 Let youre conversacion be with out coveteousnes and be contet with that ye have all redy. For he verely sayd: I will not fayle the nether forsake the:
6 that we maye boldly saye: the lorde is my helper and I will not feare what man doeth vnto me.
7 Remember them which have the oversight of you which have declared vnto you the worde of god. The ende of whose conversacion se that ye looke vpon and folowe their fayth.
8 Iesus Christ yesterdaye and to daye and the same continueth for ever.
9 Be not caryed aboute with divers and straunge learnynge. For it is a good thynge that the herte be stablisshed with grace and not with meates which have not proffeted them that have had their pastyme in them.
10 We have an altre wherof they maye not eate which serve in the tabernacle.
11 For ye bodies of those beastes whose bloud is brought into the holy place by the hie prest to pourge sinne are burnt with out the tentes.
12 Therfore Iesus to sanctifye the people with his awne bloud suffered with out the gate.
13 Let vs goo forth therfore out of the tentes and suffer rebuke with him.
14 For here have we no continuynge citie: but we seke one to come.
15 For by him offer we the sacrifice of laude allwayes to god: that is to saye the frute of those lyppes which confesse his name.
16 To do good and to distribute forget not for with suche sacrifises god is pleased.
17 Obeye the that have the oversight of you and submit youre selves to them for they watch for youre soules even as they that must geve a comptes: that they maye do it with ioye and not with grefe. For that is an vnproffitable thynge for you.
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