Hebrews 3:1-6

1 Wherfore holy brethren partakers of the celestiall callinge cosyder the embasseatour and hye prest of oure profession Christ Iesus
2 which was faythfull to him that made him even as was Moses in all his housse.
3 And this man was counted worthy of more glory then Moses: In as moche as he which hath prepared the housse hath most honoure in the housse.
4 Every housse is prepared of some man. But he that ordeyned all thinges is god.
5 And Moses verely was faythfull in all his housse as a minister to beare witnes of tho thinges which shuld be spoken afterwarde.
6 But Christ as a sonne hath rule over the housse whose housse are we so that we hold fast the confydence and the reioysynge of that hope vnto the ende.
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