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Hebrews 9:1-10

1 That fyrst tabernacle verely had ordinaunces and servynges of god and wordly holynes.
2 For there was a fore tabernacle made wherin was the candlesticke and the table and the shewe breed which is called wholy.
3 But with in the secode vayle was ther a tabernacle which is called holiest of all
4 which had the golden senser and the arcke of the testamet overlayde round about with golde wherin was the golden pot with manna and Aarons rodde that spronge and the tables of the testament.
5 Over the arcke were the cherubis of glory shadowynge the seate of grace. Of which thynges we wyll not now speake perticularly.
6 When these thynges were thus ordeyned the prestes went all wayes into the fyrst tabernacle and executed the service of god.
7 But into the seconde went the hye prest alone once every yeare: and not with out bloud which he offered for him silfe and for the ignoraunce of ye people.
8 Wherwith ye holy goost this signifyeng yt the waye of holy thynges was not yet opened whill as yet ye fyrst tabernacle was stondynge.
9 Which was a similitude for the tyme then present and in which were offered gyftes and sacrifises that coulde not make them that minister parfecte as pertaynynge to the conscience
10 with only meates and drinkes and divers wesshynges and iustifyinges of the flesshe which were ordeyned vntyll the tyme of reformacion.
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