18 I speake not of you all I knowe whom I have chosen. But that ye scripture be fulfilled: he that eateth breed wt me hath lyfte vp his hele agaynste me.
19 Now tell I you before it come: that when it is come to passe ye might beleve that I am he.
20 Verely verely I saye vnto you. He that receaveth who soever I sende receaveth me. And he that receaveth me receaveth him that sent me.
21 When Iesus had thus sayd he was troubled in the sprete and testified sayinge: verely verely I saye vnto you that one of you shall betraye me.
22 And then the disciples loked one on another doutinge of who he spake.
23 Ther was one of his disciples which leaned on Iesus bosome whom Iesus loved.
24 To him beckened Simo Peter that he shuld axe who it was of whom he spake.
25 He then as he leaned on Iesus brest sayde vnto him: Lorde who ys it?
26 Iesus answered he yt ys to whom I geve a soppe when I have dept it. And he wet a soppe and gave it to Iudas Iscarioth Simons sonne.
27 And after the soppe Satan entred into him. Then sayd Iesus vnto him: that thou dost do quickly.
28 That wist no ma at the table for what intent he spake vnto him.
29 Some of the thought because Iudas had the bagge that Iesus had sayd vnto him bye those thinges that we have nede af agaynst ye feast: or that he shulde geve some thinge to the poore.
30 Assone then as he had receaved the soppe he wet immediatly out. And it was night.