18 But ye have not come [Forsooth ye have not come] to the fire able to be touched, and able to come to, and to the whirlwind, and mist, and tempest,
19 and sound of trumpet [and sound of the trump], and voice of words; which they that heard, excused them(selves), that the word should not be made to them.
20 For they bare not that that was said, And if a beast touched the hill, it was stoned [it shall be stoned].
21 And so dreadful it was that was seen, that Moses said, I am afeared, and full of trembling.
22 But ye have come nigh to the hill Sion, and to the city of God living [and to the city of living God], the heavenly Jerusalem, and to the multitude of many thousand angels,
23 and to the church of the first men, which be written in heavens, and to God, doomsman of all, and to the spirit of just perfect men [and to the spirits of just perfect men],
24 and to Jesus, mediator of the new testament, and to the sprinkling of blood, speaking better than Abel [better speaking than Abel's blood].
25 See ye, that ye forsake [refuse] not the speaker; for if they that forsake him that spake on the earth, escaped not [if forsooth they escaped not (that) refused him that spake on earth], much more we that turn away from him that speaketh to us from heavens.
26 Whose voice then moved the earth, but now he again promiseth, and saith [saying], Yet once and I shall move not only the earth, but also heaven.
27 And that he saith, Yet once, he declareth the translation of moveable things, as of made things, that those things dwell, that be unmoveable.
28 Therefore we receiving the kingdom unmoveable, have we grace, by which serve we pleasing to God with dread and reverence.
29 For our God is fire that wasteth [For why our God is fire wasting].