12 A throne of honour on high from the beginning, The place of our sanctuary,
13 The hope of Israel [is] Jehovah, All forsaking Thee are ashamed, And `My apostates' in the earth are written, For they have forsaken Jehovah, A fountain of living waters.
14 Heal me, O Jehovah, and I am healed, Save me, and I am saved, for my praise [art] Thou.
15 Lo, they are saying unto me: `Where [is] the word of Jehovah? pray, let it come.'
16 And I hastened not from feeding after Thee, And the desperate day I have not desired, Thou -- Thou hast known, The produce of my lips, before Thy face it hath been,
17 Be not Thou to me for a terror, My hope [art] Thou in a day of evil.
18 Let my pursuers be ashamed, and let not me be ashamed -- me! Let them be affrighted, and let not me be affrighted -- me! Bring in on them a day of evil, And a second time [with] destruction destroy them.