Leviticus 11:27-37

27 `And any one going on its paws, among all the beasts which are going on four -- unclean they [are] to you; any one who is coming against their carcase is unclean until the evening;
28 and he who is lifting up their carcase doth wash his garments, and hath been unclean until the evening -- unclean they [are] to you.
29 `And this [is] to you the unclean among the teeming things which are teeming on the earth: the weasel, and the mouse, and the tortoise after its kind,
30 and the ferret, and the chameleon, and the lizard, and the snail, and the mole;
31 these [are] the unclean to you among all which are teeming; any one who is coming against them in their death is unclean till the evening.
32 `And anything on which any one of them falleth, in their death, is unclean, of any vessel of wood or garment or skin or sack, any vessel in which work is done is brought into water, and hath been unclean till the evening, then it hath been clean;
33 and any earthen vessel, into the midst of which [any] one of them falleth, all that [is] in its midst is unclean, and it ye do break.
34 `Of all the food which is eaten, that on which cometh [such] water, is unclean, and all drink which is drunk in any [such] vessel is unclean;
35 and anything on which [any] of their carcase falleth is unclean (oven or double pots), it is broken down, unclean they [are], yea, unclean they are to you.
36 `Only -- a fountain or pit, a collection of water, is clean, but that which is coming against their carcase is unclean;
37 and when [any] of their carcase falleth on any sown seed which is sown -- it [is] clean;
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