Numbers 33:33-43

33 And they journey from Hor-Hagidgad, and encamp in Jotbathah;
34 and they journey from Jotbathah, and encamp in Ebronah.
35 And they journey from Ebronah, and encamp in Ezion-Gaber;
36 and they journey from Ezion-Gaber, and encamp in the wilderness of Zin, which [is] Kadesh.
37 And they journey from Kadesh, and encamp in mount Hor, in the extremity of the land of Edom.
38 And Aaron the priest goeth up unto mount Hor, by the command of Jehovah, and dieth there, in the fortieth year of the going out of the sons of Israel from the land of Egypt, in the fifth month, on the first of the month;
39 and Aaron [is] a son of a hundred and twenty and three years in his dying in mount Hor.
40 And the Canaanite -- king Arad -- who is dwelling in the south, in the land of Canaan, heareth of the coming of the sons of Israel.
41 And they journey from mount Hor, and encamp in Zalmonah;
42 and they journey from Zalmonah, and encamp in Punon.
43 And they journey from Punon, and encamp in Oboth;