1 Chronicles 29:21-25 NIV

Solomon Acknowledged as King

29:21-25pp -- 1Ki 1:28-53

21 The next day they made sacrifices to the LORD and presented burnt offerings to him:1 a thousand bulls, a thousand rams and a thousand male lambs, together with their drink offerings, and other sacrifices in abundance for all Israel.2

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22 They ate and drank with great joy3 in the presence of the LORD that day. Then they acknowledged Solomon son of David as king a second time, anointing him before the LORD to be ruler and Zadok4 to be priest.

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23 So Solomon sat5 on the throne6 of the LORD as king in place of his father David. He prospered and all Israel obeyed him.

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24 All the officers and mighty men, as well as all of King David's sons,7 pledged their submission to King Solomon.

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25 The LORD highly exalted8 Solomon in the sight of all Israel and bestowed on him royal splendor9 such as no king over Israel ever had before.10

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